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Oakland’s Premier Reward-Based Dog Training Company!
All DogEvolve lessons are lead by Certified, Professional Pet Dog Trainers. Throughout the course your instructors will be guiding you towards a better understanding of why and how dogs think, behave and make choices.

While training your dogs, you instructor will also show you how to:

1) Show your dog how to DO things you like.  If dog doesn’t know HOW to sit, how can she CHOOSE to sit?

2) Reward the behaviors you like, so that your dogs will do them more often and in the right contexts (commands).

3) Punish unwanted behaviors, WITHOUT using harmful tools like chokes, shocks, prongs, “alpha-rolls” or other outdated unscientific techniques.

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What does Reward-Based mean?
Its simple.  It means we give rewards (R+) to make behaviors increase in frequency (dogs sit when they want something) & we take away rewards (P-) when dogs do things we don’t like.  Don’t be fooled by the the negative sign in (P-).  It doesn’t mean bad/yucky.  Scientifically speaking a (-) means SUBTRACT as in take-away.  And Punishment is not a dirty word.  Scientifically speaking a Punishment is anything that makes behaviors go down in frequency.

For example: Imagine you know a child who swears A LOT!  To change that behavior you give them $1 for every day they don’t swear.  This would be a reward (R+).  You could also take away $0.50 for every bad word you catch the child saying.  This would be a good example of removing a reward (P-) in order to make an undesirable behavior (swearing) go down in frequency.

Our lessons are FUN & effective.
Don’t worry if it all sounds a bit complicated.  Just know we won’t hurt your dog; we’ll motivate them to make good choices.  We’re happy to be the dog nerds and let you just enjoy the class.  We’ve got plenty of funny stories and clever ways to explain things so you won’t feel like you’re drowning in a psychology glossary.  Bring your sense of humor, your dog and an idea of what your “good dog” would do at home or in the park and we’ll do the rest.