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Training classes and events in Oakland

Photo of DogEvolve training class, San Francisco CA

Our dog training classes are designed for you and your dog’s lifestyle. We know that training your dog on your own isn’t easy. Let DogEvolve help you! Our modern, scientific training methods are fast & effective.

Our Certified Trainers are experts at using modern, scientifically understood Operant & Classical Conditioning techniques. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry. We’re happy to be the dog nerds and let you just enjoy the class.

Bring your sense of humor, your untrained dog, and we’ll do the rest. We like our classes to be fun. We promise that you won’t feel like you’re drowning in a psychology glossary even though our training methods are derived from Scientific Learning Theory.

In just a few weeks you’ll realize that your dog really is a genius. DogEvolve — we train smarter, not harder!

Upcoming classes:


NEVER TOO LATE: our popular manners and obedience class for dogs over 6 months!  

Your dog should be friendly with other dogs and people to take this class. This is a great class for new rescue dogs or older puppies.   

Three Sundays, September 13, 20 and 27  10-11am  Paws and Claws 3436 Dimond Ave, Oakland, CA 94602




PUPPY FIELD TRIPS: Real world puppy socials for dogs under 5 months. Have a young pup who could use some positive exposure, energy burning and structured fun? These are ongoing and you and your pup are invited! 

CLICK HERE  to register for a Puppy Field Trip



Read before class

Class Protocols
  • Please leash your dog in and around the building and to leave and enter class.
  • Please allow time for your dog to go to the bathroom before class.  There are plenty of wide sidewalks and trees in the area.
  • If you have a very active dog, it might be helpful to bring them to the park before class.
  • There will be time for the dogs to socialize after class. Once you’ve arrived at class location, please keep your dog focused on you and away from other dogs.
  • Please bring your dog to class hungry. That means skip the meal preceding class for most dogs!


Bring these items to class
Training Treats should be small, tasty & soft.

Training Treats should be small, tasty & soft.

Please bring a Bait-bag, Fanny-Pack or Apron to class for holding treats.

Please bring a Bait-bag, Fanny-Pack or Apron to class for holding treats.

  • A hungry dog
  • Soft, tasty, easy to eat Food-Rewards cut into tiny pieces.
  • An easy-access treat bag that can be worn hands-free on the body
  • 4′-6′ leash
  • A flat-nylon collar.  PLEASE DO NOT bring choke, prong, citronella or shock collars to class.


If your dog pulls on leash, please use a humane no-pull device.
dogEvolve recommends the following products:


And please make sure you’ve read our Cancellation Policy.