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Thank you for your interest in working with dogEvolve!  We offer Private Training in Oakland for a variety of behavior issues.  A trainer will come to your home or designated location to assess the behavior you are concerned about and begin teaching you and your dog how to accomplish the training desired.  Private Training Lessons allow for a more customized approach, timing and location for training with you and your dog!  Fees are $175 for initial consult (1.5 hours) and $125 for sessions after that (1 hour).  Follow up emails are included with each session if needed. 


Private Training can be helpful to address the following issues:

•  Recall: coming when called and other off-leash skills

•  Puppy Lessons: crate training, house training, sleeping through the night, socialization, basic puppy training

•  House and Leash-Walking Manners: calmly greeting guests, not stealing items off counters, walking nicely on leash

•  Barrier Frustration/ Leash Aggression: barking and lunging at other dogs when behind barriers or walking on-leash

•  Selecting and Preparing for a New Dog: assessing best dog or puppy for your family and “matchmaking”

•  Fear/ Aggressionavoidance of or aggression towards people or dogs

•  Preparing for Baby: learn how to set dog and baby up for success!

•  Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress: your dog panics, barks and/ or destroys things when left alone


  Separation Anxiety Certified Trainer



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  1. Steven Eric Kirsh says:

    Hi Pamela:
    Patches who belongs to Courtney and Jake shared with our 17 week old Labradoodle, Luna that she thinks you’re a great trainer. 4 Paws! We have had her for 9 weeks and counting.

    Luna is smart, super friendly and is dying for fellow canine socialization and interactions which has been difficult due to Covid 19. She’s been sleeping through the night for 8 weeks and goes to the bathroom in a specific spot outside. Very few accidents inside the house. She’s still bitting a bit, but she’s teething and I did buy some sour apple spray which helps to quell that behavior.

    We’ve done one puppy date with another Labradoodle her same age and it went fantastic. We also introduced her to our neighbor’s 100lb lab and that went fine too. dogs. The thing is we share our space with a tenant in the back of our house and she lives in a separate cottage with her 4 year old large German Shepherd, Maisey, who is her emotional support dog. She’s sweet but skittish and not super well trained and she has not had a lot of interactions with other dogs. Maisey has been here for 7 months and so the outside has been her territory as Luna just arrived on 3/31/20. We have a big backyard that’s enclosed. She’s also a puppy and wants to jump all over her and Maisey doesn’t like it and can be aggressive. So we need help in trying to bring them together at our home space and then also just general training as well for Luna

    We also live in Lake Merritt and need some additional in-person training for Luna and was hoping with masks and social distancing we could still do that.

    Please LMK if you have the availability and interest sooner than later, We are out of town from 6/28-7/31.

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