Professional Dog Training Appointments

In-Person in Durham, NC or Online Worldwide!

Professional Dog Training Appointments

What to Expect in Our Dog Training Appointments

Whether you’re dealing with separation anxiety, puppy behavior or you’re just looking for general training, we at dogEvolve want to set up your and your dog for the best experience with our dog training appointments!

We’ll start with an initial consultation virtually, to get a better understanding how your and your dogs needs as well as what their environment is like. From there, we’ll cultivate a professionally tailored dog training plan (using online or in-person sessions) for your family to help you and your dog reach the training goals of your dreams!

Three small dogs sitting on a wall outside at their dog training appointment.Dog Training Appointment Fees

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours) $175

Follow Up Sessions (1 hour) $125

If you’d like to set up a Private Training session, please submit this form and we respond within 48 hours.

Please note we are generally booked out at least a week or more.

General Dog Training Questions? Contact Us!

Three pit bulls in a chair with a child, ready for dog training appointments!We love hearing from you!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about training or your dog’s specific needs!

You can email us if you need more information.

Or if you know you want to schedule a private training session, see above.

General Inquiries About Training

Pamela Wyman, CTC, CSAT