Private Training

We offer Behavior Consultations for Dogs and their people in Oakland.

Private Training Lessons allow for a more customized approach, timing and location for training! A dogEvolve trainer will come to your home to assess the behavior you are concerned about and learn more about your goals.

BEFORE you get a dog, consider having us help with Dog Matchmaking. We specialize in figuring out your needs and identifying good prospective options for you, which gives you and your dog  the best chance for success!


Private training can address the following issues.

  • Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress
  • Recall: Come When You Call
  • New Puppy! Setting Routine and Foundation
  • House Manners and Leash-Walking
  • Barrier Frustration/Leash Aggression
  • Fear and Aggression Towards Other People and Dogs
  • Preparing for Arrival of Baby