Private Training

We offer in-person training in Durham, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, NC and online-training worldwide.

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Private Training Lessons allow for a customized approach and are offered in-person and also online. We are experts at working with families with new puppies, ongoing behavior issues like fear, aggression or separation anxiety.   Our modern, force-free training emphasizes trust and cooperation.

Our training sessions start with a discussion of your dog’s history, behavior and your training goals. In this meeting we will give you immediate help to understand and start working with your dog in more effective ways.

Afterwards, we continue a creative way of working together to accomplish your goals. We are able to provide fun and custom tailored guidance and coaching for you and your dog safely and efficiently. Clients who have been working with us are continually impressed with how our training gives them exactly what they need!

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in Durham, NC and surrounding area

Jordaan or Pamela will come to your home or another agreed location and help you on-site, in-person with common behavior problems and goals!  This is a 90 min session initially ($175) and follow up sessions are 1 hour ($125). 

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We start with an initial assessment over Zoom ($175/ 90 mins) where I get to know more about you and your dog.  We discuss history, identify behavior concerns and I give you management strategies for any issues.  After this initial meeting, we can move forward with a subscription plan to help reach your goals and, if you are local, we can do a hybrid of online and in person.  This online model also allows for flexibility of schedule, asynchronous learning with 5 day a week access to your trainer!  Because we are in contact more frequently, this method allows for consistency of practice (the key to effective training) and results can be even more effective!  Just complete our inquiry form 

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Initial consultation (1.5 hours) $175   

Follow-up sessions (1 hour) $125 

4 Week Online Training Packages $600

Looking for a group class?

Pamela and Jordaan offer a unique, fun and enriching Puppy Play and Train for pups 9-20 weeks of age. 

Jordaan teaches Puppy Relationship Building Fundamentals and Relationship Building Fundamentals (classes for pups and adults)

We teach at Whole Dog Institute – check it out! 

Want see what our personalized private training can do for you and your dog?
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Here are just a few of the clients we’ve helped:

Margaret Dedloff

Our experience with Pamela was simply the best. We were at our wits end with our dog and thought we wouldn’t be able to keep him due to bad separation anxiety. With no idea where to turn to, we reached out to Pamela. She completely changed our pup’s life and our lives as well. Our dog went from not being able to be left alone for even 30 seconds to being comfortable and calm when we left him. Pamela is kind and patient and always happy to answer any questions we had. She is so knowledgeable and more than happy to share that knowledge with dog owners. She gave us the skills we needed to continue working with our dog and help him recover. We truly cannot recommend her more.

Alex Hsu

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness
Pamela is truly a godsend as a new puppy owner. She has a rare talent for communicating what the puppy needs, why, and what I need to do to forge a healthy, respectful, and loving relationship with our newest family member.
She has made the learning process easy, fun, and not at all frustrating. She has a wealth of knowledge, and she never makes me feel silly for asking silly questions.
I’ve learned so much already from her, and even though it’s all been through Zoom, I feel confident that my dog and my family will have a long and healthy relationship.

Sara Smith

Pamela has been wonderful! She has helped our family by giving us concrete suggestions and tips we could implement right away. We started virtually, and next had a very successful socially distanced in- person session with our pup in our backyard. The sessions with Pamela have had an immediate impact on our puppy’s behavior. She’s also great with kids, making sure they understand what to do while also making puppy training fun for them. The progress we’ve made with our pup has been exciting and rewarding! We are much happier, less frustrated, and have a better relationship with our puppy because of her help. Thank you, Pamela!!

Tessie M. Oakland

If you’re looking into booking a training session with DogEvolve but are hesitant about doing it remotely (the shelter in place/coronavirus are currently not allowing for in-person trainings), I can confidently say it is so worth it!
We scheduled a session with Pamela for our new 6 month old puppy, Murphy. Since we are new puppy parents, we wanted to make sure to start Murphy out on the best foot and learn the do’s and don’ts of training a puppy his age. In the 1.5 hours we spent with Pamela, we learned so much more than we ever could have learned on our own! She answered every single question we had in immense detail, even getting into the psychology of a puppy Murphy’s age and what he would best respond to. She also had us practice some general training exercises while she watched and gave us feedback/tips. For some of the tips she gave that needed a demo, she was able to use her pup at home to show us how to do it.