Private Training

We offer in-person training in Durham, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, NC and  online-training worldwide.

Private Training Lessons allow for a customized approach and sessions are now available! We are experts at workig with families with new puppies, ongoing behavior issues like aggression or separation anxiety.   Let us help you and your develop a great relationship and life together.

Our training sessions start with a discussion of your dog’s history, behavior and your training goals. In this meeting we will give you immediate help to understand and start working with your dog in more effective ways.

Afterwards, we continue a creative way of working together to accomplish your goals. We are able to provide fun and custom tailored guidance and coaching for you and your dog safely and efficiently. Clients who have been working with us are continually impressed with how our training gives them exactly what they need!

Now is the time to work with your dog to prepare for more time alone at home—we can customize a plan to prevent Separation Anxiety in some cases OR customize a plan to treat Separation Anxiety as needed.  

Looking for more info on how it all works? See the Yelp reviews below!


FEES:  Initial consultation (1.5 hours) $175  Follow-up sessions (1 hour) $120

Private training can address the following issues.

  • New Puppy: Setting you and your pup up for success!
  • Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress
  • Recall: Come When You Call
  • House Manners and Leash-Walking
  • Barrier Frustration/Leash Aggression
  • Fear and Aggression Towards Other People and Dogs
  • Preparing for Arrival of Baby  

Looking for a group class?

Jordaan teaches adolescent and adult dog training classes at Whole Dog Institute.  

More info HERE.