Reward-Based Punishment -It works! …and it won’t hurt or scare your dog.  Tired of repeating yourself? ”Off! Off! Off!” Learn how to eliminate unwanted behaviors like JUMPING, STEALING, DIGGING, and MORE.  This class will teach you how to    effectively and humanely eliminate naughty behaviors. Reward-based trainers do ”punish” naughty behaviors, we just do it better! You don’t have to hit, choke, roll, shock, or scare your dog to teach them to stop doing things you don’t like!

 **Punishment is a scientific term that refers to something that made behavior go down in frequency.

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Is the worst part of your day walking your dog?  Has your dog starting bucking, barking, lunging and growling at other dogs on walks? Are you sick of hearing your dog walker say the dog plays great at the park?  DogEvolve knows the type; your dog likes other dogs, but behaves like a Leash Monster on the sidewalk, or in the car. Our certified dog training instructors can help!

This is a 4-week rehabilitation class for your dog. Come learn about what causes leash aggression & how to stop it. This is a science-based applied animal behavior class. Our instructors use Desensitization & Counter-Conditioning methods to treat Leash Monsters.  Aggression stems from fear; we do not need to add to your dog’s paranoia. This is NOT a class on how to scare, intimidate, or hurt your dog. We focus on re-conditioning your dog to feel (and therefore act) better around other dogs.

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You’ve probably figured out that screaming ”SHUT-UP!” is only a temporary solution at best. Perhaps it doesn’t work at all. Bark collars similarly fail to be effective, or their side-effects cause bigger problems.  The solution: Teach your dog a COMMAND: ”Quiet!”

This workshop is for dogs that Alert Bark & Demand Bark.
If you aren’t sure why your dog is barking, contact us and we’ll help you determine if this class is for you. If you already know your dog is barking for another reason, please fill out the Private Training Request.


  • Frustration -Dog can see it (out the window), but can’t get to it
  • Fear -Dog is afraid and trying to create space (go away!)
  • Boredom -Dog is alone, under-exercised, not mentally stimulated
  • Anxiety -Dog is not comfortable being left alone (Separation Anxiety)
  • Demand -Dog is excited (often accidentally rewarded by giving in so dog will be quiet)
  • Alert -Dog hears something (4,000 yrs of selecting for dogs that do this well)

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