Puppy Training!


Two brown and white puppies waiting for puppy trainingWe love Love LOVE working with puppies and their people!

Bringing a puppy home provides a wonderful opportunity to start things off on the right foot. A professional trainer will work with you to get you set up with routines and an overall training and socialization plan. The earlier the better when it comes to puppy training (eight weeks of age is not too early to start)!
After the initial consult, we can provide weekly puppy training sessions with you and your pup virtually and in some locations, in person. This involves customized plan for you , so you learn how to get excellent responses from your puppy.

Let us teach you more about setting up you and your dog for a long, happy, well-adjusted life together!

Three dogs, one black, one tan and white and one white looking up at the camera, waiting for puppy training

Ready to get started?

Book a personalize puppy training session!


Looking for a group class focused on Puppy Training?

Pamela and Jordaan offer Puppy Play and Train AND teach Puppy Relationship Building classes at Whole Dog Institute.  

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