Class Locations
  • Classes are held in Oakland; location varies, please check schedule

Class Protocols

  • Please leash your dog in and around the building and to leave and enter class.
  • Please allow time for your dog to go to the bathroom before class.  There are plenty of wide sidewalks and trees in the area.
  • If you have a very active dog, it might be helpful to bring them to the park before class.
  • There will be time for the dogs to socialize after class. Once in the building please keep your dog focused on you and away from other dogs.
  • Please bring your dog to class hungry. That means skip the meal preceding class for most dogs!


Bring these items to class
  • A hungry dog
  • Soft, tasty, easy to eat Food-Rewards cut into tiny pieces.
  • An easy-access treat bag that can be worn hands-free on the body
  • 4′-6′ leash
  • A flat-nylon collar.  PLEASE DO NOT bring choke, prong, citronella or shock collars to class.


If your dog pulls on leash, please use a humane no-pull device.
dogEvolve recommends the following products:


And please make sure you’ve read our Cancellation Policy.