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Looking for information about dogs and puppies? Check out the links below to learn more!

What is your dog saying? Learn more about Body Language! 

Dog Body Language via Silent Conversations 

Does Your Dog Want to Be Here via Doggie Drawings

Dog Calming Signals via International Dog Trainer Turid Rugaas


How Dogs Learn

How Dogs Learn The difference between classical and operant conditioning via Peggy Andover


Easing Your Dog’s Stress


Kids and Dogs


Dog Play—What’s “Good Play”? 


Enrichment/Doggy Boredom Busters (Work to Eat with Kongs)



Puppy Developmental Stages and Timelines

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MORE Resources Including Good Books and Articles 

Dog Training Resources via Humane Dog Training Advocates


Curious about science-based practices and methods? Check out this explanation of #altfacts vs. Real Facts!

Facts About Dog Training Behavior via Humane Dog Training Advocates