Separation Anxiety

We specialize in Separation Anxiety and would be thrilled to help guide you and your dog through this process.

Does your pup bark, howl, destroy your home or otherwise get upset when left home alone?
Are you getting complaints from neighbors?
Have you exhausted the self-help training options on the internet?  

Dog with separation anxiety looking out a window with unease


There is hope for recovery from Separation Anxiety!

Our program is customized to you and your dog with individual training plans and unlimited support by an expert Certified in Separation Anxiety Training (CSAT). We use science-based, modern and humane training methods, and a proven protocol. We can’t wait for you and your dog to have peace of mind.


Initial Assessment (all new clients start here)    $175

  • 90 minute meeting with Pamela 
  • Alone-time assessment
  • Review of your dog’s training history and your goals
  • Overview of how behavior change works
  • Recorded assessment of your dog with notes on my observations
  • Customized first steps towards your goals
  • Resources for various paths forward (training programs)

4-Week Intensive Training Package    $660  ($165/ week) 

  • Daily customized training plans (this evolves as we go at your dogs pace)
  • A specially formatted online workbook just for your dog’s training
  • Five 60 minute training and reassessment meetings with Pamela
  • unlimited email support during business hours
  • video review of your training sessions as needed
  • support, cheerleading, & coaching


It is possible for your dog to learn to be home alone comfortably free from Separation Anxiety! 
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Here are just a few of the clients we’ve helped with their Separation Anxiety:

A brown and white dog with Separation Anxiety

Durham, NC

Our experience with Pamela was simply the best. We were at our wits’ end with our dog and thought we wouldn’t be able to keep him due to bad separation anxiety. With no idea where to turn, we reached out to Pamela. She completely changed our pup’s life and our lives as well. Our dog went from not being able to be left alone for even 30 seconds to being comfortable and calm when we left him

Pamela is kind and patient and always happy to answer any questions we had. She is so knowledgeable and more than happy to share that knowledge with dog owners. She gave us the skills we needed to continue working with our dog and help him recover. We truly cannot recommend her more.

London, England

We can now leave our beloved pup home alone to go to work, do errands or enjoy time out with friends. It has been an absolute game changer and we were losing hope!

I was a little nervous about the cost, but I did some calculations. We had to regularly use dog sitters or daycare, costing between $35-$50 per visit. Short errands even required dog sitters or doggie daycare drop-offs, as my dog would wreak havoc in the house, disturb neighbors and possibly damage the house. I figured out in one year, we would spent far less if we just worked with Pamela for a few months.

A Shaggy dog with Separation Anxiety

White dog with separation anxiety

Hillsborough, NC 

Pamela is a life saver. Not only is she experienced and skilled with separation anxiety training (a pretty complex endeavor), she’s also incredibly encouraging and compassionate. It’s been so heartening to see my dog make progress with her ability to tolerate alone time. I highly recommend Pamela!!

Berkeley, CA 

Pamela has been a godsend for my family. She came into our lives at a time when we thought our 1-year-old dog’s separation anxiety was untreatable. She gave us hope, she helped us create a solid training plan, and after several months of solid work, our lives are completely different. Our dog has made such huge strides. We’ve gone from being unable to leave him for more than 2 minutes, to being able to leave him—completely at peace!—for over 3 hours.

Pamela’s plan really worked. We are forever indebted to her, and we cannot recommend her highly enough for all training purposes (she also helped us with leash reactivity), but ESPECIALLY for separation anxiety! Thank you, Pamela!!!

Golden Retriever in a field of flowers