Professional Dog Trainers with Over 20 Years Experience in the Field and a Passion for Happy Dogs!

We at dogEvolve have been helping dogs and families all over the country as professional dog trainers.

You’re in good hands with our trainers Pamela and Jordaan, as well as the assistance of their whole family (animals included)!

Pamela Wyman

Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Behavior Consultant

Pamela Wyman, dogEvolve professional dog trainerPamela Wyman is a Certified Trainer and dogEvolve instructor with 27 years of experience. She is a graduate of the renowned SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, taught by Jean Donaldson. Pamela also holds a Certificate in Separation Anxiety Treatment, having studied under Separation Anxiety expert, Malena DeMartini.

Pamela brings an enthusiastic and creative teaching style to her work which makes training fun, intelligent and successful for dogs and people. Clients find Pamela able to treat seemingly unsolvable behavior issues with innovative techniques. Her areas of interest and expertise are enriching relationships between owners and dogs, and setting up puppies, adolescents and new rescue companions to succeed as furry family members.

Forever evolving, Pamela enjoys keeping a fresh perspective on learning and dog training. She regularly attends conferences, seminars, workshops and, perhaps most importantly continues to learn from each and every client and dog she works with. Pamela lives with Jordaan, dogs Stuey Little and Stanley Pickles LeBron, and daughter Gemma.

Pamela offers in-person training in Durham, NC and virtual training to folks all over the world!  Pamela also teaches group classes (Puppy Play and Train & Puppy Relationship Building Fundamentals at Whole Dog Institute in Durham)

Jordaan Van Romburgh

Professional Dog Trainer

Jordaan Van Rumburg, professional dog trainer holding a goat and smiling

Jordaan is a Certified Trainer (CPDT-KA) and brings over 20 years professional experience to dogEvolve.  He spent over 12 years in Animal Shelter world and the last 8 years training and caring for family dogs in CA and NC. After assisting many long-time trainers on both coasts, he has a huge toolkit and tons of hands-on experience.

Jordaan grew up on a small farm in Cape Town, South Africa with a wide variety of animals. His down to earth, big-hearted approach to humans and animals give him a special way with clients and dogs. Clients adore Jordaan and look forward to the progress dogs make under his guidance!

Jordaan is gifted at teaching dogs new behaviors like loose leash walking, recall (coming when called), tricks and reducing impulsive and reactive behaviors to improve dog/human relationships and outings. Shy dogs, quirky dogs, “misunderstood” types and other rascals capture Jordaan’s interest.

Jordaan offers Behavior Consultations and Private Lessons to dog owners with new rescue dogs, puppy guidance, refreshers on obedience training as well as leash reactivity.   He teaches classes like Puppy Play and Train and Relationship Building Fundamentals at Whole Dog Institute in Durham, NC.  He shares a home and family with his wife Pamela, dogs Stuey Little and Stanley Pickles LeBron and his daughter Gemma.

Jordaan offers in-person training to clients in Durham, NC.

Stu “Stu Little” and Stanley Pickles LeBron “Stan the Man”

CEO & CFO Dog Division

Two small dogs on leash and harness, waiting at attention.

Doggy diplomats with a strong record of success befriending the most sensitive dogs (Stuey) AND confounding then charming any size dog, anywhere (Stan). We can assure your our Dog Division takes their jobs VERY seriously!

It’s great to have two in-house consultants. Stuey’s an expert on all things dog and Stanley is just getting started living up to his nickname of “the fast potato”!


Junior Trainer & Puppy Wrangler

Gemma,  young girl professional dog trainer with black hair smiling

Raised by wolves (that is, dog trainers!) Gemma brings literal lifelong experience with a wide variety of dogs and other animals to our team!  Gemma loves her three “brothers,” Stuey, Stanley and recent feline addition, Ōkami, and can often be found assisting with socialization for puppies and care for doggie guests. 

Gemma has a special touch with shy dogs and “chaos makers” (adolescent puppies)! 

Young girl sitting on a log with three dogs

Family of dog trainers

Dog trainer Jordaan sitting on wall with four small dogs