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Who We Are

Pamela Wyman
Dog Trainer and Certified Behavior Consultant

Pamela Wyman, photo, dogEvolve trainerPamela Wyman is a Certified Trainer and dogEvolve instructor with 27 years of experience. She is a graduate of the renowned SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, taught by Jean Donaldson. Pamela also holds a Certificate in Separation Anxiety Treatment, having studied under Separation Anxiety expert, Malena DeMartini.

Pamela brings an enthusiastic and creative teaching style to her work which makes training fun, intelligent and successful for dogs and people. Clients find Pamela able to treat seemingly unsolvable behavior issues with innovative techniques. Her areas of interest and expertise are enriching relationships between owners and dogs, and setting up puppies, adolescents and new rescue companions to succeed as furry family members.

Forever evolving, Pamela enjoys keeping a fresh perspective on learning and dog training. She regularly attends conferences, seminars, workshops and, perhaps most importantly continues to learn from each and every client and dog she works with. Pamela and her husband Jordaan currently live in Durham, NC (with many clients all over the world!). They share a home with 8yo fluffy mutt Stuey Little, and their daughter Gemma, the Junior Trainer! 

Pamela offers in-person training in Durham, NC and virtual training to folks all over the world!

Jordaan Van Romburgh
Dog trainer

Jordaan brings over 20 years professional experience to dogEvolve.  He spent over 12 years in Animal Shelter world and the last 8 years training and caring for family dogs in CA and NC. After assisting many long-time trainers on both coasts, he has a huge toolkit and tons of hands-on experience.

Jordaan grew up on a small farm in Cape Town, South Africa with a wide variety of animals. His down to earth, big-hearted approach to humans and animals give him a special way with clients and dogs. Clients adore Jordaan and look forward to the progress dogs make under his guidance! 

Jordaan is gifted at teaching dogs new behaviors like loose leash walking, recall (coming when called), tricks and reducing impulsive and reactive behaviors to improve dog/human relationships and outings. Shy dogs, quirky dogs, “misunderstood” types and other rascals capture Jordaan’s interest.   

Jordaan offers Behavior Consultations and Private Lessons to dog owners with new rescue dogs, puppy guidance, refreshers on obedience training as well as leash reactivity.   He teaches several classes at Whole Dog Institute in Durham, NC.  He shares a home and family with his wife Pamela, Stuey Little and his daughter Gemma.

Jordaan offers in-person training to clients in Durham, NC. 

Tamara Bricker
Certified Trainer

Through years of experience at animal shelters, Tamara developed a passion for working with dogs.

Tamara then began the journey to train her own challenging dog and started a dog walking company specializing in dogs with fear, anxiety, and aggression. To delve deeper into animal behavior and behavior modification, she enrolled in the Karen Pryor Professional Dog Training Academy, Susan Friedman’s On Living and Learning with Animals, and Michael Shikashio’s Dogs with Aggression. Tamara learned to use science and fear free training methods to teach, play, and bond with the dogs as well as work with their humans.

Tamara continues to study animal behavior so she can stay up to date on the latest techniques and research. Tamara’s fun and patient teaching style allows for adults and children alike to excel at training their furry family members. She can be found with a dog at her side running or hiking the local trails, walking the neighborhoods, or exploring the East Bay.

Tamara offers in-person training to clients in Oakland, CA and limited virtual training to folks in other areas. 

Kristine Adams
Certified Trainer

Kristine Adams is a Certified Trainer and Counselor and a graduate of the acclaimed Academy for Dog Trainers, taught by Jean Donaldson.

Kristine started her career with dogs working for Pamela as a walker in San Francisco from 2006 to 2012, and quickly became hooked on Pamela’s teaching and her dedication to positive approach, force-free training. In 2017 Kristine began to study dogs full time via The Academy for Dog Trainers, conferences, and seminars from trainers and scientists such as Bob Bailey and Daniel Mills.

Force-free and science based, positive reinforcement training has become a passion as well as a mission for Kristine, and she looks forward to helping dogs and owners have a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Kristine has a long history with dogEvolve and continues to work closely with our clients. She can also be found at mywoofwisdom.com

Kristine offers in-person training in Ocean Shores, WA and virtual training to folks all over the world! 

Stu (AKA Stuey Little)
CEO Dog Division

Doggy diplomat with a strong record of success befriending even the most sensitive dogs.

It’s great to have an in-house consultant. Stuey’s an expert on all things dog!