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While training your dog, we also show you how to:

1) Show your dog how to do things you like. If dog doesn’t know how to sit, how can she choose to sit?

2) Reward the behaviors you like, so that your dogs will do them more often and in the right contexts (commands).

3) Punish unwanted behaviors without using forceful tools like chokes, shocks, prongs, “alpha-rolls” or other outdated techniques.


We are now accepting clients in Oakland for dogwalking, private training and group classes

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  1. Josephine says:


    I am interested in the its never too late group training sessions. I have a very sweet but very bossy and stubborn Shiba Inu. We went to doggie basics training class a few years ago but I’ve grown lax and need a refresher. I want to work on recall and trust (my trust in her) so i can take her to the dog park, and appropriate greeting of guests, friendly humans and other dogs. I also want her to stop licking me when I ask her too and to stop air chomping to boss me around.



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